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This Tote is designed for ducks or geese. It has a stitched leather strap for comfort when carrying birds for a long distance. It also has a detachable brass connector where birds can be removed and stored. There are six 550 Military Grade parachute cords with brass cinch rings that will accommodate several ducks or geese at a time on each line. This Tote is designed to last and is only for the serious Waterfowler. Parachute cord available in Olive Drab or Desert Tan Color


Military #550 cord 
Manufactured in the U.S.A by a government contractor
Nylon braided cord with 7 inner strands
Can be used for survival situations
Strong and durable
it will secure and suspend just about anything
Is quick drying, light weight, and strong
It will not rot, fade, or mildew