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This needle drip tip 2 oz. bottle contains the same 80 Below liquid form formula as the 6 oz. Aerosol can. For Reels and Guns! This needle tip bottle is the perfect size for tackle boxes, blind bags, or a glove compartment. The needle tip style bottling allows for pinpoint applications.

80 Below is a 100% Full Synthetic Extreme Temperature Sporting Oil created to withstand all weather conditions. Protects from the damage that very high moisture and cold environments inflict on all mechanisms. 

Feel the advantage of 80° Below® Lubricants:

• 100% Synthetic. Extreme low-temperature performance, but performs in ALL temperatures.

• Cleans, lubricates, penetrates, and protects.

• Use on all Sporting Mechanisms - Firearms - Hunting Gear - Fishing Reels - Farm Equipment - Industrial Machinery.

• Firearms will function longer due to lubricant’s ability to reduce powder residue retention.

• Product of the USA.