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80 Below is a 100% Full Synthetic Extreme Temperature Sporting Oil created to withstand all weather conditions. Protects from the damage that very high moisture and cold environments inflict on all mechanisms. 

This 2 oz. tub fits neatly into gun cases and cabinets, tackle boxes, blind bags, or toss it in the glove compartment. Never leave home without it.

Feel the advantage of 80° Below® Lubricants:

• 100% Synthetic. Extreme low-temperature performance, but performs in ALL temperatures.

• Cleans, lubricates, penetrates, and protects.

• Use on all Sporting Mechanisms - Firearms - Hunting Gear - Fishing Reels - Farm Equipment - Industrial Machinery.

• Firearms will function longer due to lubricant’s ability to reduce powder residue retention.

• Product of the USA.